Supply Chain


A strong supply chain is an important part of any business.

Detroit Gun Works has the added benefit of providing you with access to a supply chain that has been built up through more than 95 years of business. We provide you with a one-stop solution by leveraging our own supply chain to provide you with any additional services your product may require.

With our own dependable supply chain built, Detroit Gun Works is an excellent addition to your supply chain. Providing our customers with a cost effective solution to their challenges is one of the many ways we can be a valuable asset to you!

  • Reliable supplier relationships built through 95 years of business
  • Our suppliers have decades of experience in their areas of expertise
  • With our trusted suppliers, we take the headache of testing and vetting outside services off your list
  • Shorter lead times by providing all services
  • Dependable suppliers for materials and outside processing (coating, etching, and more)
  • Cost savings