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Four generations

Detroit Gun Works was founded south of 7 mile and east of Mt. Elliot, at 6425 E. Hildale, during the great recession.  It was not okay to watch our machines sit idle, and we decided to do something about it.

We build tools.  For four generations we have cut metal.  We know one way to do things, the way that works for our customers.  Our tools continue to change as we invest in the latest technologies, but our dedication to our craft and our customers remains.

Engineered For Accuracy

Our bolt action rifle, built on our own receiver, is our current stage of the journey.  It is designed for precision, engineered for accuracy, and processed for quality.  After we build it, we test it.  If it passes you can buy it, if not, it gets destroyed.  Like we said, we know one way to do things.

Our success has pulled us out of the city into the suburbs; however, the chip remains prominently on our shoulder.

We’ve never been easy to find, that’s because we’re busy working on improving our skills and servicing our customers.  But if you’ve found us, that means you’re looking for something better.  You’ve come to the right place.

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We are discerning customers.  We juggle multiple commitments daily.  When we find time for our passion we expect things to work, flawlessly.  We don’t buy off the shelf.  We buy small batch, custom, crafted.  We buy products with extra attention to detail.  Things that work and taste better.  Things that make life just a little more fun . . .

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Detroit once earned the name the “Arsenal of Democracy” for the role our fellow home to people who are skilled in operating the most advanced machine tools in the technology to the tradition of gun making.

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