Detroit Gun Works builds serious tools for serious people. Our tool needs to work for you when you need it to, and we take that very seriously. A precision rifle is an integral part of your toolbelt, a must for you to do your job. Our team has been building tools for decades. Our rifle system takes those decades of experience providing tools to the warfighter and civilian and packages it into a premier weapon system, designed to work when it’s called upon and last for years.

When you decide to procure a Detroit Gun Works rifle, your department will be purchasing a superior weapon system. DGW has created a flexible system that, when used with our ammunition, will hit the same point of impact at 100 yards whether you shoot target, ball, armor piercing, barrier, or frangible rounds. No more having to use two or more zeros for your system. When you get past 100 you can apply the ballistics of each round to the shot.

The Sherwood is designed for durability to provide decades of hard use. By using 4340 and hardening it to 45-50 hrc we improve the tensile strength of the receiver without sacrificing wear. By making the bolt and the action in house at DGW we can hold our headspace tolerance less than 0.0005”. This allows a department to replace barrels easily with prefits (screw on and off). We can also provide multiple calibers of barrels if needed.

You won’t need many barrels. The Sherwood features a Schneider SR60 1-10 twist barrel in .308 Winchester in your choice of 16” or 18”. These barrels are known to retain accuracy up to 15 thousand rounds. The barrels have P5 rifling which have better gas sealing properties between the bullet and the radiused lands and groves, providing higher velocities, high round count life, and easy cleaning.

Detroit Gun Works did extensive testing to qualify our barrels. Even after qualification each one of our rifles follows our proprietary testing process to guarantee accuracy before it ships to your department.

As we said above, this tool needs to work for you from the first shot to the last.

As a police sniper you make critical decisions. You have tactical consideration, where to set up, do I have a clear shot, can I identify my target, where are the innocents, distance to the target, what kind of barriers are between you and the target? Then there is the legal and political fallout from shots fired.

The last thing on your mind should be if your tools are up to the task.

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Sherwood (Tactical Long Range Shooting)

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When you decide to procure a Detroit Gun Works rifle, you will be purchasing a superior weapon system. DGW has created a firearm with the tactical shooter, and law enforcement members in mind.

  • Detroit Gun Works E. Hildale Action
    • 1.0625” x 16 Thread
    • EDM raceways
    • Integrated lug
    • Integrated scope rail
    • Material - 4340 steel hardened to 45-50rc for superior strength and durability
    • Multi Caliber 3-lug 60-degree bolt throw action
    • QPQ Finish for wear resistance, corrosion resistance, lubricity, and fatigue strength
  • DGW 3-lug bolt
    • Double ejectors and an M-16 style extractor allow for positive extraction and control of the brass throw after the shot
    • Finish - Ion Bond Diamond Coating for lubricity
    • Material -4340 steel 38-42 Hrc
    • Multi-caliber
  • Barrel
    • 5P rifling
    • Available in 16” or 18”
    • Schneider 1-10 SR60 profile in .308 Winchester
    • Threaded 5/8”x 24 for use with brakes and silencers
  • Chassis
    • MDT Elite Sniper System Chassis with Folding Stock, M-LOK forend, AICS Mag Compatible, Fully adjustable for cheek height and length of pull
  • Trigger
    • TriggerTech Primary Trigger for use in harsh environments.
  • Brake
    • Area 419 Hellfire Self Timing Muzzle Brake, caliber specific in black Nitride finish.
  • Packaging
    • Custom Detroit Gun Works SKB Hard rifle case rifle case
  • Magazine
    • (2) MDT Metal AICS 10 round magazine without plate featuring the DGW logo.
  • Warranty
    • Lifetime transferable warranty on everything but barrel wear

“Out of my entire collection this rifle gets the most comments. Unbeatable Quality. DGW always delivers the best.”

Jason T. Ohio

The Hitsville

24” 6.5mm Creedmoor Bolt Action Rifle

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